Savour the unique flavors of our bubble tea.



We at CafeTeatotaler believe that nothing is more intoxicating than a good cup of bubble tea. Guess what? WE HAVE THE BEST BUBBLE TEA IN TOWN! Made with the best ingredients, our bubble tea takes a unique and refreshing twist from your regular tea. To couple with it, we serve some amazing treats that are sure to take your taste buds for a ride. With 3 cafes in Delhi and Mussoorie, we aim to expand even further.


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Want to know how we do it? Let us train you. If you want to learn the art of making a good cup of bubble tea, hit us up. We’ll make sure that after you train with us, you get hitched to the idea of brilliance.


Do you love tea and food as much as we do? Do you want to be a part of an ever-growing cafe chain? Do you dream to be the best in the business? Look no further, cafe teatotaler is the chain you’re looking for. Fill in the query form and let us help you open a franc